What’s On: You Are A Rainbow with Christine Lynne – Space to Emerge

What’s On: You Are A Rainbow with Christine Lynne

I am really looking forward to joining you on this exploration of body mind and soul. Connecting to energy centres from within and to other energies around us, we begin to explore through silence, through stillness, through sound and music, as we move, we flow, we know – we came to dance. Both the conscious and unconscious movements of our bodies help us reveal a better understanding of ourselves. Allowing the freedom to express our emotions in a way we cannot express them in words, we begin to align wholeness and balance to body, mind and soul.

It is also a way chosen throughout ages and cultures for self and spiritual expansion and a medatitive process to help support and improve our quality of life.


About Christine

It was later in life for me, over 14 years ago, that I became aware of something more wonderful inside myself that had been supressed for years, a me that was trapped inside life’s illusion, that part of me that could only see what from a child I had been programmed to be.
Through the freedom of expression of dance I found my true self and this was revealed more and more through dance, music movement, meditation and various other ancient wisdoms. It helped me love and accept myself more for who I was and this was a very empowering realisation.

I was so excited by this that it ignited a passion within me to share this pathway with others to help them reveal their amazing authentic self, to discover a part of them that may have lay dormant, to help reveal and shine and cherish their uniquness and enable them to begin to explore who they truly are from within and I am delighted to share a workshop at this very aptly named Space to Emerge. I don’t have a website, but if anyone would like to contact me for any further details I can be reached at my email address – christinelynne131313@gmail.com