What’s On: Nature Based Crafting Workshops with Tracey-Lee Scully – Space to Emerge

What’s On: Nature Based Crafting Workshops with Tracey-Lee Scully

Calling in the Spirits of the Land with Crafts

We will call in the Nature Spirits, the guardians this land, all of the Ancient Ones who are the keepers of this sacred place. We shall call them in with our hands and hearts by making handmade offerings to adorn this beautiful space, which will hold us during this magical weekend. Let your imagination go wild or be guided by our facilitator, Tracey-Lee, to create things that whirl in the air, things that touch the earth, things that celebrate water, things that honour fire…

Painting with Mother Earth

Enjoy a relaxed session connecting to Mother Earth through literally painting with earth… a wonderful experience for adults and children of all ages. Work individually or on a group piece, as you feel called to by the Great Mother.  Children are encouraged to explore and play with different types of earth, and ways of painting… whether that’s with a brush, their hands or feet… Physical contact is encouraged. Ancient cultures from across the globe used earth pigments, which they found around them. We draw inspiration from these ancestors to celebrate life and this beautiful planet, by putting earth to ‘canvas’.


About Tracey-Lee

Tracey-Lee Scully is Craftsperson/Artist-Maker/Facilitator. A trained Graphic Designer, Tracey-Lee turned her hand to handmade crafts after a 3-month sabbatical in Mexico and then 3 years in Ecuador, where she apprenticed as a basket weaver and volunteered as an Art Facilitator with street children. Working in harmony with the environment is one of her priorities.

email: traceyleescully@gmail.com, website: www.pachamamacrafts.com, FB: Pachamama Handmade Crafts, FB: @TraceyMakesArt


Please note for the Painting with Mother Earth workshop Tracey-Lee would like to ask for a small donation to help cover the cost of the materials you use.