Working tickets 2022 – Space to Emerge

Working Tickets


Would you like to be a part of our Space to Emerge team?

Space to Emerge is all about creating community, and so over one-quarter of attendees come along on a working ticket. There are three kinds of working tickets, which in exchange for your time gives you a pass to access all workshops and activities. You can either be part of our crew, run a few workshops or hold some one-to-one healing sessions.


In exchange for your ticket, you will just have to contribute around 16 hours of your time over the weekend contributing as part of a lively core team that keep Space to Emerge running smoothly. This is 7-hours on Friday and 3-hours on the remaining three days. If you would like to find out more, please click here for more information.


There are a limited number of places for healers who buy a ticket but then have the opportunity to earn back the cost (or more) through healing sessions. These must be applied for in advance. Please click here for more information.

Workshop facilitators 

Our workshop programme is filling up, but we might be able to squeeze a few more in. We are particularly looking for workshops that are around crafting. If you have a workshop idea, please take a look at our workshop programme here to see if it will complement what we already have. Please click here for all the information about running a workshop and how to apply. In the first instance, we recommend getting in touch with us.