Wild Voices – Space to Emerge

Wild Voices

How does it feel to sing and make music from our authentic wild selves? How can we tap into the music and rhythm of the more than human world?
We will be exploring these questions in a fun and creative workshop…playing with the sounds we can make with our voices and bodies, tuning into the sounds of the world around us, and singing outside in different locations with, and to, the other beings that inhabit the land. Feedback from previous Wild Voices participants: “Lots of fun and challenging in a very gentle way”, “Expressive, liberating”.


About Amy

I am an experienced outdoor and creative practitioner! I have been making music for years – drum circles, singing, writing songs – and enjoy supporting others to make music, be playful, and explore the connections between music and sense of place. 07938 878268 – info@playful-nature.co.uk www.playful-nature.co.uk

For a taste of the music I co-create see: https://soundcloud.com/donttellsuzy