What’s On: Walk the labyrinth with Elizabeth Clarke – Space to Emerge

What’s On: Walk the labyrinth with Elizabeth Clarke


“There are many ways to describe a Labyrinth. It is a path of prayer, a walking meditation, a crucible of change, a watering hole for the spirit and a mirror for the soul.” Dr Lauren Artress, founder of Veriditas


When we walk the labyrinth, the mysterious winding path becomes a metaphor for our spiritual journey.

The labyrinth is an archetypal mandala going back through the ancestral lines of the human family for over 4000 years. Throughout this timespan it has emerged all over the world in different cultures and countries and held ritual, ceremony and spiritual practice. These practices have been adapted and adopted through differing belief systems but through them all there is the thread of connection to the great mystery. It has been used, and is still used today, for developing personal and universal meaning, leading us to a deeper understanding of our inner world and our connection to the divine.

We will be walking the classical 7 circuit labyrinth. The earliest datable labyrinth of this type has been found carved into rocks in Northern Spain and there are many examples of this style found on tiles and pottery in Scandinavia, South America, Europe and across the Baltic states. Labyrinths can help and hold us through personal change, help us to develop our awareness and conscious connection to ourselves. Everyone will work with the labyrinth in their own unique way. The journey is for your developing self and for strengthening your connection to the divine, whatever that might be for you.


The Celtic Cycle of the Year

New ideas emerge from earlier civilisations in Sumeria into the culture of the Celts which start to include the idea of ongoing being through the cycle of death and rebirth. This is evidenced in the turning cycle of the seasons. This turning cycle was marked beautifully in the rituals and celebrations of significant points of the Celtic calendar. We will be walking at the time of Beltane, a time of fire and fertility, union and new life. We will prepare for the walk by sharing and talking about where we are in ourselves and in relation to the energies of Beltane. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it is simply a way of being gentle with where we are and allowing that to inform our way forward. Stepping on to the labyrinth takes us into an altered state, a place between where we can access our intuition and open to receive inspiration.


About Elizabeth

Elizabeth has trained with Veriditas and is a qualified labyrinth facilitator she has been in private practice as a Psychosynthesis counsellor, psychotherapist and group facilitator for over 15 years.

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