What’s On: Shamanic Journey workshops with Nicola Smalley – Space to Emerge

What’s On: Shamanic Journey workshops with Nicola Smalley

Shamanic journeying is our way of connecting in to our deeper wisdom and universal intelligence. There will be a range of workshops to take part in over the course of the weekend, for both beginners and experienced journeyers.


Healing Ancestral Patterns with Nicola Smalley
In our lives we can often feel stuck, or hold unhelpful characteristics or beliefs within us that are not actually ours. They stem from usually between one and three generations back, when times were very different and behavioural patterns formed which have been passed down the family line. Through shamanic ancestral healing work we can heal these which will benefit not only ourselves and our ancestors, but also our children and future generations. In this two-hour workshop Nicola will share some of her own story in healing her ancestral line, and then we will embark both consciously and through journeying to find our own ancestral behavioural patters which are ripe for healing at this time. Booking is required.


About Nicola

Nicola is an Earth Guardian and works as a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master and Facilitator for Life on Earth to support people and communities in making the transition to the New Earth.

With her husband Jason she runs shamanic drumming circles, sabbat celebrations and spiritual development workshops around the northwest of England. She also carries out 121 shamanic sessions including soul retrieval, soul exchange and psycho-pomping, and has recently trained as a celebrant enabling her to create and perform meaningful and personal ceremonies for births, deaths, marriages and other significant points in our life journey.

Contact nicola@soulsustainability.co.uk or telephone 01257 233909.


Jason and Nicola Smalley run The Way of the Buzzard and have created Space to Emerge as a shamanic festival here in the northwest of England.