What’s On – Sacred Dance from Within with Christine Lynne – Space to Emerge

What’s On – Sacred Dance from Within with Christine Lynne

For me dance is meditation in motion. As I dance I feel my soul move my body, bringing me into balance and harmony and I feel a deep knowing and connection to my true authentic self

The freedom of dance is my first passion and I am really looking forward to joining and sharing with you the empowering benefits this sacred dance has given to me. When it enters your heart, like it has mine, it has the ability to help us transform and blossom from the inside and out. and as we allow ourselves to flow freely through the energy centres of our bodies, we open doorways that help reveal our true authentic selves.

All we seek is within.

“To dance – to live in a way that is consistent with our longing – is to discover a gift that we can give ourselves again and again over a lifetime. To dance, alone or with others, is to be who we truly are as we fulfill our soul’s desires. To do this we must learn how to let go and slow down, returning to the sacred emptiness where we encounter our true self” – Oriah Mountain Dreamer


What to bring with you: Please bring a pillow and blanket for winding down with at the end, and also Christine invites you to wear something you feel more like their true selves to dance in, maybe something you would not usually wear in your every day lives, and also maybe a veil too.


More about Christine

Christine LynneChristine runs a Spiritual book group at Healthy Spirit in Didsbury. It’s called the Healthy Spirit Reading Group and they meet each Monday 10am – 12pm.

Christine does not lead the group as such as she wants it to be that everyone has a voice, “it’s our group and it can still go on if I am there or not, so it is important that people feel they have a voice there to share whatever or just come along and see what others share”.

The address is 37 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 6TW. Christine’s mobile number is 0797 100 4584 if anyone wants to connect with her regarding dance or book group or anything else, and her email is christinelynne1@hotmail.com

If you would like to hold a Sacred Dance workshop near you please contact me on her email address at christinelynne1@hotmail.com