What’s On: Gods and Goddesses of the Solar System with Vicky Allen – Space to Emerge

What’s On: Gods and Goddesses of the Solar System with Vicky Allen

For millennia, our ancestors have looked up to the night skies and observed the wanderers that travel across the field of stars.  We now know these wanderers as the planets of our solar system.  In this workshop, a half-mile path through the woods will become a voyage across the solar system, and with each step we take we’ll traverse several million miles.  We’ll start at the sun and visit each planet in turn, together with their moons, and will learn how our recent understanding of these heavenly bodies intertwines with the stories of the gods and goddesses associated with them.

About Vicky
I have a fascination for the night sky and hope to be able to share my enthusiasm, together with the tales of some of the gods and goddesses whose names have been given to the inhabitants of our local little patch of the Milky Way.

What to bring
What to bring with you:  Wear clothing and footwear appropriate for outdoor walking and be aware that the ground may be uneven.  Apply sunscreen/wear a hat or bring waterproofs as the weather dictates.  The walk will be very leisurely, and we will be pausing at intervals, but it will involve moderate up- and downhill sections over a half-mile distance.  You will be on your feet for some time, and may therefore wish to bring a small portable stool or mat to sit on when we pause for the planetary tales. There will be lots of stories and information; a notebook and pen will be handy if you want to jot things down. You may also wish to bring a drink with you, particularly if the weather is warm.