What’s On – Between Heaven & Earth with Karen Henderson – Space to Emerge

What’s On – Between Heaven & Earth with Karen Henderson

This is a Dru Yoga session to bridge the gap between these two opposing yet complimentary forces, which is also known as Yin and Yang or masculine and feminine energy, connect and balance. Bring your body back into it’s natural harmonic balance with Dru sequences based on the elements and the natural forces that govern our planet. When we are in tune, we flow with life, have radiant health and a calm clear mind thought of as Yin. Bring yourself in.

What to bring with you: Please bring something to lie or sit on, and blankets cushions for relaxation.

About Karen

Screenshot 2015-11-25 13.38.19As a Dru yoga teacher and a shiatsu practitioner I have a passion for working with the bodies energy system and working with the elements based on both yogic and Chinese traditions. I love nothing more than doing yoga outdoors, connecting to nature to help balance our energy body. In my classes I aim to give people the tools so that they can achieve optimum health in a natural and fun way.




For more information about Karen, her classes in Chorley and her weekend yoga retreats please visit her website at Timeless Minds / www.facebook.com/timelessminds