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What’s On – Dance your Inner Deva with Anne Kingston


Find your inner dancer with a fun workshop using African and Middle Eastern dance movement. No previous dance experience necessary just a desire to move in music and discover your unique dance.


About Middle Eastern dance

Middle Eastern dance is essentially an expression of individuality allowing each dancer to express themselves through full body movement and explore the various feminine archetypes of innocence, sensuality, femininity, strength and power. Individuals learn to express themselves through their connection to the music, each other and with the earth beneath their feet.

When working together as a collective in group and folkloric dance women are able to connect and appreciate each other in an honest, natural and playful way learning to work together while allowing their individuality to shine through.

Holistically the dance has many health benefits – it is empowering and improves connection with the body, allows exploration of emotions and spirituality and improves self esteem and sense of play.


Dance, dance, dance is the healing nectar for a woman’s soul!
Dance under the moon and sun,
dance in the pouring rain,
dance for your heartache,
dance for your pain…
Dance for the simple ways this Earth goes round,
dance for the cosmic rhythms and behold the sound…of ancient melodies and primal tones,
dance for the red hot molten spinning in your bones! ~Jacqui Lalita


About Anne Kingston

Screenshot 2015-12-03 11.57.49With a background in dance from the age of 4 Anne has taught Middle Eastern bellydance for over 20 years.

Her regular Moroccan Sahara desert trips have developed an interest in more holisitic dance and she has studied Body Groove, Shake Your Soul and 5 Rhythms as well as revisting African dance.


Contact details and other workshops

To find out more about her Desert Dance Healing trips or her regular weekly dance classes visit www.annekingston.com or her Facebook page, alternatively contact Anne via email annekingston22@btinternet.com.