Introduction to Runes with Linda Sever – Space to Emerge

Introduction to Runes with Linda Sever

Runes have been used as a form of language and a tool for divination and magic for over a thousand years within the Germanic and Scandinavian world. The runic characters and shapes can be written, chanted and danced to create magic, healing and energy. This introduction to runes will show people how to use runes in all areas of their lives and all participants will make and take away a basic rune starter set from this workshop.

Originally from Ireland, Linda Sever has been a practising Norse pagan, a practitioner of Seidr, Northern European shamanism and spirit communicator for nearly twenty years. She is a writer, academic and senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire and is author/editor of “Lancashire’s Sacred Landscape” (History Press, 2010). She has given talks and workshops on Heathenry, Seiðr and Runes at a number of conferences, camps and moots around the country.



Linda will be asking for a  small donation to cover the cost of the materials you use to make your rune set.