The 2023 Workshops – Space to Emerge

2023 Workshops so far...

These are the workshops we have running so far.

Please remember this list can change at any time with new workshops added and perhaps with a few changes along the way.

Healing Ancestral Echos

with Nicola Smalley

Each of us has inherited a whole host of behaviours which are encoded in our DNA, says Nicola Smalley, some of which are helpful for us and others which are holding us back from achieving our dreams. In this workshop we begin to unravel what these are and through meditation and shamanic journeying, tap into the science of epigenetics to begin the process of re-coding our genes.

Nicola is a Shamanic Practitioner and co-founder of Space to Emerge.

For over two decades, she has supported people and communities in transitioning to a different way of being in the world.

Trance Drumming

with Jason Smalley

Jason Smalley will lead this tribal time – an hour of pure drumming in the sacred Yew Tree Grove, allowing participants to drift into a trance state with the repetitive beat of the drum.

Jason is a connected nature photographer and shamanic worker of our land and is co-founder of Space to Emerge. 


Animal Messengers

with Jason Smalley


This workshop with Jason Smalley will be working with the healing and insights of animal spirit medicine, drawing on the ancient knowledge of our ancestors and how that can be applied in the modern world.  In this session, the brand new and long awaited The Way of the Buzzard animal spirit card deck will be used, and there will be a guided shamanic journey to your chosen animal.  

Jason is a connected nature photographer and shamanic worker of our land and is co-founder of Space to Emerge.

The Labyrinth Portal

with Nicola Smalley

This meditative walk through the labyrinth with Nicola Smalley will help participants to gently enter and leave our woodland retreat.  An ancient pattern drawn on the ground, the labyrinth has been used across the world for thousands of years and these sessions will enable a setting of  intentions and guidance for stepping into the weekend and back out again.

Nicola is a Shamanic Practitioner and co-founder of Space to Emerge.

For over two decades, she has supported people and communities in transitioning to a different way of being in the world.

Deep Nature Connection

with Jason Smalley


One of the core principles of authentic shamanic practice is working towards a deep connection with nature. During this workshop, Jason Smalley will guide you on how to take time out to seek the wisdom and guidance that nature around us so freely offers if only we learn to listen. 

Jason is a connected nature photographer and shamanic worker of our land and is co-founder of Space to Emerge. 

British Gods and Goddesses

with Lorna Smithers

This workshop from writer Lorna Smithers will be an introduction to the gods and goddesses of ancient Britain – what we know about them from archaeological sources, Roman records, and their later representation in Welsh mythology. This will be followed by a ritual to honour Creiddylad, goddess of May.

Lorna  is a poet, author and polytheist. She has published three books: Enchanting the Shadowlands, The Broken Cauldron, and Gatherer of Souls. She writes and edits for Gods & Radicals .

Wild Medicine

with Edwina Hodkinson

Herbalist Edwina Hodkinson will lead a herb walk, identifying, learning about and exploring local medicinal plants and how to use them for healing. Plants will be harvested to make a herbal medicine. 


Edwina Hodkinson is a medical herbalist and full member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She has been a health care practitioner for the last 35 years, being an ex ward sister, aromatherapist, clinical reflexologist and healer.

Holistic Dance and Movement

with Anne Kingston

These workshops from dance teacher Anne Kingston will have a Middle Eastern vibe, exploring somatic movement and rhythm with the aim of finding your own inner dancer and understanding your body. This exploration of the senses, sharing and connecting will lead to empowerment, space and stillness.


Anne is a dance teacher with a life-long interest in holistic dance movement and Middle Eastern dance, which she has taught for over 20 years. She is also qualified as a Body Groove facilitator and has an MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing.

Craft: Eco Printing

with Jo Jukes

Expert crafter Jo Jukes will be guiding this workshop to make your own Space to Emerge nature notebooks using recycled paper and card, with covers created from leaf and flower prints sourced from Fellfoot wood.


Jo has over 20 years of experience of teaching crafts from enamelling, silver-smithing, printing, felting to design. The natural world is the inspiration for all her work.

Craft: Botanical Creations

with Alex Murgatroyd

Beautiful and meaningful botanical creations will be crafted in this session with Alex Murgatroyd, using local flowers and plants with healing properties. While creations take shape, the group will delve into the folklore and holistic meanings of individual plants and flowers, scents and colours.

Alex runs Wild Soul, facilitating nurturing seasonal nature creative sessions, encouraging a nourishing of the soul, and a reconnection with the seasons and nature.

Death Cafe 

with David Ledger

Funeral guide and celebrant David Ledger will lead this café style workshop, allowing participants to talk openly about experiences and share stories of their loved ones, as well as pondering issues such as whether if a 'good death' can exist, and how we grieve.

David retired from a life working in local government in 2015, retraining as a celebrant with a focus on providing special ceremonies for families losing loved ones. He believes strongly in the importance of opportunities to talk about death.


Women's Red Tent Sessions

with Carole Prestige, Kathy Burrage and Morgan Beenham

As well as drop in sessions, there will be women-only workshops in the space of the beautiful Red Tent,  to drop in to ourselves and see what wants to emerge. The workshops will be based loosely on the following quote from Women’s Rites, Women’s Mysteries by Ruth Barrett: “By prioritising female only space, whether in ritual or daily life, many women are able to find their centre and explore their own truths.” 


Carole is a crone in training, who adores the nurturing space of the red tent and looks forward to stirring the cauldron of wisdom together. Kathy, long time wife, mother, grandmother and now a widow is eager to sit with you once again in the red tent and share our journeys. Morgan is a holistic healer and nurse, who has joined the Red Tent women here at Space to Emerge to hold this supporting and gentle space

Craft: The Safe Place

with Lydie Feltgen

In this playful, grounding and often healing craft workshop led by Lydie Feltgen, participants will use clay and natural objects from the surrounding woodland to create models of their ‘safe place’.

Lydie is a body worker, trauma informed clay field practitioner and poet with 18 years experience with international groups, natural materials and nature connection.

Remembering Who You Are

with Jacqui Crooks

In this workshop, Jacqui Crooks will focus on clearing the old ancestral stories that skewed our vision of ourselves and the limiting beliefs that society has given us, so we can then focus in on you and your true self,  the loving, loveable, wise, powerful you, that you forgot, or shut away to stay safe.


Jacqui is one of the pioneers in energy psychology, an international speaker and trainer, and an EFT founding master. She is author of  Tapping into Ancestral Healing and co-author EFT and Beyond. Her unique way of working  allows deep change quickly and easily without trauma.

Connecting with Sound

with Liz and Chris Whittall-Hill

This workshop, led by Liz and Chris Whittall-Hill will be an opportunity for a hands-on experience of an array of gongs, bowls, chimes and other healing instruments. It follows on from their ever-popular early morning gong bath sessions.   


Liz and Chris run theHarmony Hub Holistic Community Centre in Chorley and offer gongs baths as well as individual therapies.

The Nature of Fellfoot Wood

with Sam Turner

This guided walk will be led by ecologist Sam Turner, who will take walkers on an exploration of the intricate ecosystem of this beautiful woodland. She will offer insight into the natural history of the place, the stories, the spiritual connections and a glimpse into the story of the land itself.


Sam has always loved the natural world and learning about wild plants and animals is a big part of her life, both working as an ecologist and in her spare time. She has a particular love of the Lake District which she has known most of her life

Morning Gong Baths

with Liz and Chris Whittal-Hill

There will be the opportunity to start each day by drifting through the early morning energies to a beautiful sound bath. This is a powerful meditative experience and sessions can include gongs, drums and singing bowls. This is a perfect opportunity to get some personal space and set your intentions for the day.

They will be offered by Liz and Chris Whittall-Hill, who run the Harmony Hub Holistic Community Centre in Chorley and offer Gongs Baths as well as individual therapies.

Earth Songs

with Liz and Chris Whittal-Hill & Nicola Smalley

This will be a morning welcome at the Earth Mother altar. Participants will sing in the new day with chants and are invited to offer their favourites. Drums and rattles are encouraged.  We will also have an Earth Songs session on the Friday afternoon to begin our weekend together.

The Magic of Words

with Jason Smalley, Andy Jukes or Tina Burchill

This poetry-in-the-morning session is time to ignite your inner bard. Led by either Jason Smalley, Andy Jukes or Tina Burchillthis workshop will begin with a reading of some inspirational poems, before participants are sent on a creative journey to see what emerges from within.

Andy works primarily with the human body and voice, using poetry, song, stories, and movement to explore ways to live a more connected life. Tina has a passion for myth and story and how words can shape us. She is a former journalist and currently a homeopath and rites of passage guide.

Peaceful Warrior Yoga

with Angela Millet

Angela Millett will lead this morning practice session in mindful hatha yoga, starting the day by finding stability, flexibility and balance with the breath and body in yoga postures that invite us to ground, find our roots and awaken awareness of our potential to be peaceful warriors.


Angela has more than 10 years' personal yoga practice and gained a teaching qualification in 2018. She is also a Reiki master and a reflexologist.

One Heart Meditation

with Jill Kirkham

Meditation teacher Jill Kirkham will lead these morning sessions to include inner exploration and energy healing, using guided meditation, breath work and energetic alignment to deepen into safety and intimacy with life and the Earth.


Jill has been a meditation teacher for 35 years, and an advanced energy worker and vortex healing practitioner for 20 years. She has been facilitating One Heart Groups for five years both in person and online.

Shibashi Tai Chi

with Gabriela Stewart

These one-hour sessions of Shibashi Tai Chi will be led by Gabriela Stewart.  Shibashi offers a deeply relaxing yet invigorating set of easy-to-learn standing movements, in a gentle flowing simple sequence. Packed with health benefits, this form of Tai Chi is ideal for anyone with limited mobility, and this class is suitable for beginners or experienced alike.

Gabriela is a former award-winning special reports editor at The Scotsman Publications, where she witnessed first hand the effects of stress which led to a career change in 2013.  As well as Tai Chi, she now offers a variety of wellbeing therapies.

Introduction to the Runes

with Linda Sever

Runes have been used as a form of language and a tool for divination and magic for over a thousand years within the Germanic and Scandinavian world. Come and learn how to use runes in all areas of your lives and make and take away your own basic rune starter set. Small donation asked for to cover material costs. 

Originally from Ireland, Linda Sever has been a practising Norse pagan, a practitioner of Seidr, Northern European shamanism and spirit communicator for nearly twenty years. She is a writer, academic and senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire and is author/editor of “Lancashire’s Sacred Landscape” (History Press, 2010).

Laughter Yoga

with Claire Scott

A gentle laughter yoga work out, laughing, on purpose for no other reason than to connect and feel good.

Claire has been a laughter yoga leader for over 10 years, running a Community Interest Company  called feelgood communities aimed at bridging communities through laughter and creativity.

The Children's Village

with We Be Kids, Heather Rimmer, Incredible Edible and Wild Souls

This year, led by Danny English from We Be Kids,  we have a professional team to run workshops for youngsters all day, leaving parents free to enjoy their own time at Space to Emerge. Children will get their imaginations unleashed in a whole series of activities around creating from nature, in nature, including crafting dreamcatchers, crowns, necklaces and magical wands. 


Danny is the director and founder of CommuniTree, a NFP social enterprise in Greater Manchester who reconnect people of all ages with nature. 

Fireside Stories

There will be  fireside story sessions aimed at both children and adults, as well as dedicated evening events for youngsters with hot chocolate and marshmallow toasting, and a bedtime lantern procession.

There will also be an open mic night for would-be storytellers to  step up and have a go.