The 2023 Healer Sessions – Space to Emerge

2024 Healer Sessions

Here is a list of the healers and what they are offering.

If you would like a healing treatment, please book and pay in advance at the Information Desk on arrival.  Sessions will cost £20 or £40.

Energy healing with crystals and essential oils

with Rachel Hawkes

Rachel, who has been a healer and therapist for 20 years, offers holistic treatments based around touch, affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Each session is unique, as she weaves together modalities based on the needs of the client, combining massage techniques with energy work.

20 and 50 minute sessions.

Her website is

Clay Field Therapy

with Simon Riley

This is a sensorimotor therapy based on perception through touch. It is development rather than symptom-oriented, an opportunity to discover new awareness and solutions by following one’s own inner impulses. The 'clay field' is a large, flat box filled with smooth clay, and with closed eyes, you are invited to make contact and allow your hands to find their way… shapes start to emerge, scenes become created, destroyed, recreated ... until a new story unfolds. Simon is a counsellor, clay field practitioner, and supervisor with over 10 years of experience across the NHS and private sector. 

50 minute sessions.

Energy balance and chakra alignment

with Tara Whittle


Tara has spent many years connecting with energies to heal and nurture the self and soul. Trained as an Occupational Therapist supporting mental, emotional, physical and cognitive health, she now works as an intuitive healer under the name of Naturally Attuned. Her treatments include energy balance and chakra alignment and flow, aimed at releasing old patterning. She uses essential oils to support homeostasis in the body and energetic release.

20 and 50-minute sessions.

She has a business page here on Facebook.

Healing sounds

with Gabriel Cold

Gabriel offers sound healing therapy sessions combined with Usui Reiki energy, using hands, tuning forks and Tibetan singing bowls which are placed on the body and gently toned and sounded. He discovered the magical beauty of sounds and music in childhood, and has been a practitioner for 10 years.

20 and 50 minute sessions.

His online presence is here on Facebook and on Instagram

Indian head massage/ Oriental face massage with reiki and sound therapy

with Chris Hill


Chris offers a range of holistic therapies, with a special interest in specialising in sound therapy using a variety of instruments including the drum, rattles and gongs. With Liz Whittall, she runs the Harmony Hub Holistic Community Centre in Chorley as well as leading regular sound baths and drumming circles. 

20 and 50-minute sessions.

Her website is

Sound healing and traditional reiki

with Liz Whittall


Liz is a reiki master teacher, reiki drum practitioner and gong master. With Chris Hill, she set up the Harmony Hub Holistic Community Centre after working in education for 30 years. Her passion is supporting people to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

20 and 50-minute sessions.

Her website is

Embodied Transformation: one-to-one

with Paula Charnley


Alongside Paula's group workshops, you can also book a  one-to-one session. You might wish to work with a challenging situation, physical pain or a decision that needs to be made. This will be a journey into your felt sense and what emerges can bring about profound healing and insight.  Paula is person-centred psychotherapist and teacher of 'focusing'. 

50-minute sessions.

Her website