The 2019 Workshops – Space to Emerge

2020 Workshops so far...

These are the workshops we have running so far.

Please remember this list can change at any time with new workshops added and perhaps with a few changes along the way.

Healing Ancestral Echos

with Nicola Smalley

Each of us has inherited a whole host of behaviours which are encoded in our DNA, says Nicola Smalley, some of which are helpful for us and others which are holding us back from achieving our dreams. In this workshop we begin to unravel what these are and through meditation and shamanic journeying, tap into the science of epigenetics to begin the process of recoding our genes.

Nicola is a Shamanic Practitioner and co-founder of Space to Emerge. She has been supporting people and communities in making the transition to a different way of being in the world for over 20 years.

Trance Drumming

with Jason Smalley

Jason Smalley will lead this tribal time – an hour of pure drumming in the sacred Yew Tree Grove, allowing participants to drift into a trance state with the repetitive beat of the drum.

Jason is a connected nature photographer and shamanic worker of our land and is co-founder of Space to Emerge. 

Wild Voices

with Amy Boud

Outdoor and creative practitioner Amy Boud will lead this foray into singing and making music from our authentic wild selves, tapping into the music and rhythm of the more than human world. This session will be fun and creative, playing with the sounds we can make with our voices and bodies, tuning into the sounds of the world around us, and singing outside in different locations with, and to, the other beings that inhabit the land. 

Amy runs Playful Nature, offering a range of experiences for all ages to connect with their playful, creative selves, the earth, and each other

Wild Medicine

with Edwina Hodkinson

Herbalist Edwina Hodkinson will lead a herb walk, identifying, learning about and exploring local medicinal plants and how to use them for healing. Plants will be harvested to make a herbal medicine. 


Edwina Hodkinson is a medical herbalist and full member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She has been a health care practitioner for the last 35 years, being an ex ward sister, aromatherapist, clinical reflexologist and healer.

Healing Moves and Find Your Inner Dancer

with Anne Kingston

Back by popular demand, Anne Kingston will teach two workshops, the first using breathwork and slow moves to connect to the feeling body and the second fun and fast, using African and Middle Eastern rhythms to find your inner diva with free flow dance movement.


Anne is a dance teacher with a life-long interest in holistic dance movement and Middle Eastern dance, which she has taught for over 20 years. She is also qualified as a Body Groove facilitator and is studying for an MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing. 

The Nature of Fellfoot Wood

with Sam Turner

This guided walk will be led by ecologist Sam Turner, who will guide walkers on an exploration of theintricate ecosystem of this beautiful woodland. She will offer insight into the natural history of the place, the stories, the spiritual connections and a glimpse into the story of the land itself.


Sam has always loved the natural world and learning about wild plants and animals is a big part of her life, both working as an ecologist and in her spare time. She has a particular love of the Lake District which she has known most of her life

Tribal Gathering 

with Amy Boud

Outdoor and creative practitioner Amy Boud will lead  this workshop, where participants will explore the woods seeking inspiration for creating their own tribe, collecting materials for wild accessories or forestry fancy dress before coming together for a mini tribal gathering.


Amy runs Playful Nature, offering a range of experiences for all ages to connect with their playful, creative selves, the earth, and each other

British Gods & Goddesses

with Lorna Smithers

This workshop from Lorna Smithers will be an introduction to the gods and goddesses of ancient Britain – what we know about them from archaeological sources, Roman records, and their later representation in Welsh mythology. We will focus on deities worshipped in the North such as Brigantia, Nodens, Belisama, Matrona, and Maponos. This will be followed by a ritual to honour Creiddylad, goddess of May. 


Lorna  is a poet, author and polytheist. She has published three books: Enchanting the Shadowlands, The Broken Cauldron, and Gatherer of Souls. She writes and edits for Gods & Radicals and blogs at From Peneverdant.

Crafting a Felt Drum Beater

with ​Jo Jukes

Jo Jukes will lead these sessions, guiding through the craft of  making a drum beater from start to finish, selecting and preparing the wood and  
using recycled wool and fabric materials for the padding and handle. Participants will then needle felt their own decorative designs onto the outer felt beater.


Jo is a creative therapist, artist and shiatsu healer working in many materials and  teaching workshops for 30 years in a variety of crafts such as silver smithing, pewter casting, enamelling, glass, printing and felting. Her inspiration in all things is nature and the landscape..

Voices of the Psyche

with ​Elaine Truckell

Dramatherapy techniques will be used to explore characteristics of ourselves and others in a safe, supportive and fun environment in this workshop led by Elaine Truckell. Participants will be encouraged to work with a selection of hats to gently probe the psyche, to ponder thought processes, without judgement.


Elaine has 20 years of experience in dramatherapy, facilitating workshops with an eclectic client base.

Your Awakening through the Labyrinth 

with Nicola Smalley

When we walk the labyrinth amongst the bluebells, the mysterious winding path becomes a metaphor for our spiritual journey. In this workshop, Nicola Smalley will work with the Labyrinth to bring insights for the next step on our awakening journey.

Nicola is a Shamanic Practitioner and co-founder of Space to Emerge. She has been supporting people and communities in making the transition to a different way of being in the world for over 20 years.

Celebrate Spirit's Passing

with Kym Swan

This session with Kym Swan will focus on the culture of death and how we can break its taboo within our communities and honour it as a sacred phase of life, with discussion on how we can make our cultural wishes known and share what options there are especially for green funerals.


Kym works with animals in spirit and the human who is preparing to pass. As a funeral arranger, she sees many people who are uninformed and left powerless at a time when they most need to stand in their own strength. She is currently studying a MA in Death, Religion and Culture.

Morning Gong Baths

with Liz and Chris Whittal-Hill and Avril Banks

There will be the opportunity to start each day by drifting through the early morning energies to a beautiful sound bath. This is a powerful meditative experience and sessions can include gongs, drums and singing bowls. This is a perfect opportunity to get some personal space and set your intentions for the day.

They will be offered by Liz and Chris Whittall-Hill, who run the Harmony Hub Holistic Community Centre in Chorley and offer Gongs Baths as well as individual therapies, and  Avril Banks.

Earth Songs

with Nicola Smalley or Amy Boud

This will be a morning welcome at the Earth Mother altar led by Nicola Smalley orAmy Boud. Participants will sing in the new day with chants and are invited to offer their favourites. Drums and rattles are encouraged. 

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

with Nicola Smalley

Nicola Smalley will lead this session which is ideal for those who are new to shamanism, or who want to go over the basics of again. The workshop will touch on the history of shamanism and what it is, before going on a journey to explore the other worlds.

Nicola is a Shamanic Practitioner and co-founder of Space to Emerge. She has been supporting people and communities in making the transition to a different way of being in the world for over 20 years.

The Healing Power of Trees

with Nicola Smalley


The wisdom and healing properties of trees will be the focus of this session, led by Nicola Smalley who will draw on a variety of techniques including shamanic journeying and divination using the Celtic Tree Ogham.

More and more we are coming to understand what our distant anscetors knew, in that the trees have the answers. In this workshop we will learn techniques to hear the wisdom that they hold.

Connecting with Sound

with ​Liz and Chris Whittall-Hill

This workshop, led by Liz and Chris Whittall-Hill will be an opportunity for a hands-on experience of an array of gongs, bowls, chimes and other healing instruments. It follows on from their ever-popular early morning gong bath sessions.   


Liz and Chris run theHarmony Hub Holistic Community Centre in Chorley and offer gongs baths as well as individual therapies.

The Magic of Words

with Jason Smalley

This poetry-in-the-morning session is time to ignite your inner bard. Led by Jason Smalley, the workshopwill begin with a reading of some inspirational poems, before participants are sent on a creative journey to see what emerges from within.

Jason is a connected nature photographer and shamanic worker of our land and is co-founder of Space to Emerge. 

Peaceful Warrior Yoga

with Angela Millet

Angela Millett will lead this morning practice session in mindful hatha yoga, starting the day by finding stability, flexibility and balance with the breath and body in yoga postures that invite us to ground, find our roots and awaken awareness of our potential to be peaceful warriors. Open to all levels.


Angela has ten years' personal yoga practice and gained a teaching qualification in 2018. She is also a Reiki master and a reflexologist.

Divination with the Runes

with Jason Smalley


This session will be led by Jason Smalley who, using a Northern connection technique, will journey through the world tree of the Norse culture and consult the rune staves to see the ephemeral shadow of what the future may hold. The Viking way of connecting with the ancestral rhythms that spin the thread of what may be from the web of infinite possibilities will be honoured. 

Jason is a connected nature photographer and shamanic worker of our land and is co-founder of Space to Emerge. 


Mindful Photography

with Jason Smalley


Jason Smalley will guide you through the art of photography as a way to connect deeply with nature and yourself.  During this workhsop he will be demystifying the art of photography, and using a mobile phone he will illustrate a few pro tips that will enable you to capture the truth and beauty of the world around you. 

Jason has been a photographer since he was a boy and has enjoyed a career as a photographer spanning more than three decades.


Chakra Explorations

with Cecelia Rathes


Cecelia Rathewill lead two workshops centred on the chakra system. Chakra Balance, will use movement, chanting and meditation to explore and balance its physical qualities. Chakra Rainbow will connect with the elements and spirits of earth, air, fire and water in dance, chant, and breath to realise the chakra rainbow we hold within. 


Cecilia is a yoga teacher with over 20 years experience, a Reiki Master and a Shamanic practitioner student. This is all the yin to her day job as a solicitor! She loves sharing her various practices of movement, breathwork, chant and meditation with fellow travellers on the journey of life.


The Stones Beneath Our Feet 

with Avril Banks


This workshop connecting with the power of the stones will be led by Avril Banks, exploring what draws us to particular stones, wondrous jewels, that we catch sight of it on a path and stop to pick up. She will look at what lies beneath this selection and how we can use the geology and landscape around us to enrich our everyday lives.

Avril works with the elements using the healing power of sound vibrations. She is also a shamanic practitioner with a special interest in messages from the land and the elements. 


Tai Chi for Health & Fitness

with ​Andy Jukes

Andy Jukes will lead these sessions, suitable for  people of all ages, experiences, abilities and levels of physical fitness.  The focus will be on improving balance, coordination, connection and strength, to recognise unhelpful patterns of habitual movement and to learn to use your body in a different, more efficient way. 


Andy began practising Tai Chi 10  years ago when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. He has been teaching for six years, incorporating elements from a range of different styles.

Children's Workshops: Creating Adventure

with Danny English and Anne-Marie Trevena

Joining us once again this year with a popular selection of workshops for children will be Danny English and Anne-Marie Trevena, unleashing the imagination in a whole series of activities around creating from nature, in nature, including crafting dreamcatchers, crowns, necklaces and magical wands.


Danny is the director and founder of CommuniTree, a NFP social enterprise in Greater Manchester who reconnect people of all ages with nature. Anne-Marie  is an artist with a long standing history of working with children from a myriad of backgrounds.

Children's Workshops: Creative Connections

with Heather Rimmer

Experiential therapist Heather Rimmer will be offering three creative sessions where youngsters will be invited to connect to their inner beings via the creative use of paint, glue, feathers, glitter, masks and more unusually, potatoes. These workshops are suitable for ages 3 onwards and can be attended as a series or as one offs.

Heather is a person-centred experiential therapist who works predominately with children and young people. She is  currently completing a PhD at Edge Hill University, Lancashire where she facilitates on the undergraduate Counselling & Psychotherapy BA(hons) degree.

Children's Workshops: Creatures of the Forest

with ​Kate Conner

Kate Conner will lead youngsters into the woods, drawing on yoga to immerse in nature and feel how it is to be other creatures, using all the senses to bring the forest and ourselves into life. This will also be run as a family/adult session.


Kate has been practicing yoga since she was 15 and in her teaching has a special interest in therapeutic movement and in helping children and young people suffering from mental health problems.

Fireside Stories with Marshmallows

There will also be two fireside story sessions  aimed at children, but all welcome. At one of these stories we will have marshmallow toasting too!