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Thank you!

Thank you for requesting updates about our 2018 Space to Emerge gathering which is currently deep in the planning phase.

Now, before you click away from this page it is vital that you locate an email that you will receive within the next few minutes and click on the ‘confirmation’ link within the body of the email. This will confirm that you have given us your permission to keep in touch with you about our Space to Emerge plans and developments.

Sometimes the confirmation email gets sidetracked into the ‘trash’, ‘junk’, ‘promotions’ or ‘spam’ folders so please do check these and other likely places if you can’t find it.

It will help us to keep in touch if you add our email address, or the email, to your whitelist, favourites or whatever name your email system calls it.

Looking forward to keeping in touch and sharing the joys of Space to Emerge with you!