Terms and Conditions – Space to Emerge

Terms and Conditions


You can cancel at any time, but please be aware of the following policy: If you cancel before December 31st 2019 you will receive a full refund, less a £10 administration fee.

If you cancel from 1st January 2020 onwards you will not be eligible for a refund, but someone may come in your place – be sure to let us know no later than April 15th, 2020 so we have their details ahead of the event, to make sure that they gain entry without any problems.

Please note: No change of names associated with tickets will be accepted after April 15th, 2020.

If you think for some reason you may not be able to attend, we advise you to take out cancellation insurance.

Also please note it will not be possible for you to attend all of the different workshops, there are over 20 spread across the weekend to offer a wide variety to choose from.

The practical information

Arrivals from 2pm on Friday May 1st 2020

Departures up to but no later than 5.30pm on Monday May 4th 2020

Activities will run from Friday late afternoon until mid Monday afternoon.

Facilities at the site and rules

This is a working woodland, so please respect any signs which explain where you are and aren't allowed to go.

Think of this site as a basic wild camping style campsite with toilets and running water.

TOILETS: There are toilets - a main toilet block in a central location and smaller port-a-loo toilets across the site.

WATER: The water on site is not fit for human consumption or for the preparation of food. You will need to bring all your water with you in bottles, or you can buy bottled water which is for sale on site for 50p for two litres. There is warm water available for pot washing in a designated area.

ELECTRICITY: There are no electric hook-up facilities. Therefore you should bring your own torches and means for cooking food.

SHOWERS: There are no showers.

VEHICULAR ACCESS / PARKING: The woodland has hard surface rough tracks running through it where you can drive your car to where you choose to pitch your tent. You will then need to return take your car to the main car parking area and there will be crew members onsite to advise on this.

CAMPERVANS: There is limited space for smaller/standard campervans (around 12) but not for larger ones or motorhomes. Please check out Useful Information page for more details.

CARAVANS: The site is not suitable for caravans of any description.

DESIGNATED CAMPING AREAS FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: There is a flat area close to the main toilet block which is reserved for campers with disabilities.

RESTRICTED CAMPING AREAS: Please do not camp in areas that are taped off. There is a chance that some small areas may need to be restricted depending on the ground work done over the winter months.

RESERVED CAMPING AREAS: It will not be possible to reserve any particular spot. If you would like to camp in a particular spot then we advise you arrive early on the Friday afternoon.

ALCOHOL: We are not having a licensed bar and so you should bring all your own alcohol. To help ensure a safe environment we would encourage you to limit the amount of glass bottles you bring on site. Please opt for cans of lager and beer, and boxes of wine rather than bottles.

WORKSHOP AREAS: We will have a number of small marquees where we run workshops as well as the main barn area. Some of the workshops will be run outside.

OPEN FIRES: We are allowed a central fire which will be in the main communal area. No other open fires are allowed anywhere on site.

SHELTER: There is a central structure where we can shelter from the rain should the weather require it, and we have undercover workshop areas. However, please come prepared for rain and bring appropriate wet weather gear including wellies or walking boots for walking around the site and taking part in the outdoor based workshops.

FOOD: We have an onsite catering company where you can buy hot meals. On the Friday evening we are having a bring and share feast, so bring along a dish if you would like to be a part of that.

WASTE DISPOSAL: Please minimise waste and move bagged waste to a collection point.

SITE ACCESS: Through the woodyard between 8am and 11pm . There is no access outside these times.

NOISE: We need to be containing noise to the site after 11pm and no music or drumming after midnight.

CHILDREN: Children must be supervised at all times.

Health and safety

There are a few things we would like you to be aware of:

  • This is a working woodland - it is important that you remain in the campsite area and don't go wandering into the timber yard or anywhere else which is restricted.
  • Be prepared for uneven ground and wear sensible clothing and footwear and keep to the tracks for safety. Parts of the site are on steep and undulating ground with craggy areas which add to the appeal of the site but require extra care when walking around.
  • As this is the open English countryside there is the risk of ticks which live on the coats of deer and drop off into the long vegetation, awaiting their opportunity to jump onto something warm blooded. Ticks carry a number of diseases including Lyme disease and precautions should be taken to avoid them. We will give advice about ticks on arrival, but essentially we recommend that you keep your legs covered at all times, and tuck your trousers into your socks, and use a tick deterrent spray.
  • Do not disturb a sunning adder should you be lucky enough to find one
  • Allow sensible spacing between tents and caravans and ensure they are away from parked cars to reduce the risk of fire spreading.
  • There must be no open fires with the exception of the fire in the central communal area.


You are attending at your own risk and we ask that you take responsibility for your own actions and decisions during the weekend.