Space to Emerge 2020: Workshop Application – Space to Emerge

Space to Emerge 2020: Workshop Application


Thank you for your interest in being a workshop facilitator at Space to Emerge. Here is all the information you will need:

Contribution: The way we run our ‘working tickets’ for facilitators is that each contributor gets a free weekend ticket in return for running either two x 2-hour workshops, or three x 1-hour workshops. Camping isn’t included, so if you would like to camp over there is a subsidised camping charge of £5 per night, which this year you can pay on arrival (cash please).

Your workshop space: We have a range of spaces available, from outdoor spaces such as the Yew Tree Grove and the Labyrinth, to our marquees and the central barn. You will be allocated a space, and you are free to move away from that space into the woodland once everyone has arrived at the start of your workshop. We just ask that if you have any specific requirements that you please let us know so that we can build these in and allocate the right kind of space. For example, if you need power, a flat floor for dance, or tables and chairs. Please note that we only have a limited number of tables and chairs, so if you can work without these, it would be helpful.

Guidance on designing your workshop: If you haven’t run a workshop at Space to Emerge before, here is a little guidance on the ethos of the weekend and what we expect, to help you plan sessions that are in keeping with the rest of the event:

The essence of the weekend is for people to come into the woods together to see what emerges, both within themselves and together in an intentional community. So, your workshops can be on anything which facilitates this process. We encourage participants to get out of their comfort zone and try something new, as well as to take it easy, rest, rejuvenate and recharge, doing just as they please, which might be nothing or everything.

The five strands of The Way of the Buzzard are connection, creativity, community, ceremony and celebration, so anything which falls into any of these will be perfect. We love creativity, so anything which helps people rediscover this aspect of themselves is great. We also love process work, so encourage workshops which help people move a little closer to finding themselves, and the healing work that helps this happen.

What if you want to come for just one day: If you would like to run just one workshop and come for one day, this is possible. Please let us know this in your application.

Insurance: We ask that you carry your own insurance and we ask to see a scan of this on application. This is for our own insurance purposes. We are able to make exceptions for what we would class ‘low risk’ activities such as singing or writing, so if you do not have insurance but have what might be a low risk workshop in mind, please get in touch with us to check if you can come under our event-wide insurance.

Bringing your family along: Due to the limited number of people our woodland can accommodate each day, we are not able to offer subsidised tickets for partners or children of working ticket holders. If you would like your family to come along to the event, you will need to purchase normal tickets for them.

Staying additional nights: Some people like to stay an additional night on the Thursday before or the Monday after, and this is possible for the subsidised nightly charge of £5. If you would like to stay an additional night or nights, please email Tina at to let us know.

Promotion: Information about you and your workshop will be included in our brochure, and everyone receives a copy of this when they arrive. You are also welcome to leave leaflets or cards about you and your services at our Information Desk, but please remember to pick up any left over at the end of the weekend!

Your availability: Our event runs from the Friday afternoon to the Monday afternoon. We ask that you are available for the whole weekend, up to lunch time on the Monday, as this helps enormously with our programming. If you aren’t available for the Friday afternoon or Monday morning, please let us know in your application but bear in mind that we are often left short of facilitators at these times and the programme can end of looking a little sparse. It would also be helpful if you could let us know if you find that you can make these times after initially believing you couldn’t. We will let you know in advance when your slots are when we finalise the programme in April.

Applying for a Workshop Facilitator Working Ticket: If you would like to go ahead and be a part of our event, the next step is for us to collect some information from you via this online form. We encourage you to complete the form as soon as possible, and no later than November 16th. We may be faced with the difficult decision of choosing what workshops to include in our programme so if you apply early you will have a better chance of being included. We will be in touch with you in November to confirm if your application has been successful. 

Thank you!