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Space to Emerge Healer

That is so wonderful you will be joining us!

Gathering your details

We would like to collect some information from you. To help streamline things our end we have created an online form for you to complete so we can easily gather the information we need. We have over 50 people contributing so that is quite a lot to co-ordinate! We would really appreciate you sending us your information via the online questionnaire.

The number one reason we run Space to Emerge is to help build community here in the Northwest. This includes helping spread awareness of spiritual and personal development healing work which is available for people, and promote the work of practitioners. So there is opportunity to promote your work in the event brochure, and by displaying leaflets at our Information Desk.

Please click here and read through the questions so you can see what it is that we require and why.

Within the questions we have also provided information which is helpful for you too, to help you with your preparations for the event.

We need to receive the information back by the end of September. We appreciate it seems a little premature, but Space to Emerge promotion begins now. This seems hard even for us to believe, but it’s necessary in order to run a big event like this. Your help with this is really appreciated 🙂 Thank you!

Please note, you can access this webpage again via the same email you have just clicked on.


Support with promotion

Support with promotion happens naturally anyway, as the Space to Emerge team share our Facebook adverts to promote their own presence at the event. We would just like to say here – thank you! We are very grateful for this, as we have to do a huge amount of marketing to get the volume of people we need to make the Space to Emerge work. We surprise ourselves each year with the amount of work that it does take, but it’s worth it! 


Thank you!

Your contributions will help make Space to Emerge 2018 our best event yet. We put a lot of effort into creating a really great programme of workshops, and are so pleased you are going to be a part of this. So thank you!


Please click here to view and send us the information we need.