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Space to Emerge 2020: Healer Application

Thank you for your interest in being a healer at Space to Emerge. Here is all the information you will need.

Overview of Healer Tickets and how to apply

Contribution: Healers at Space to Emerge are asked to buy a normal ticket but they then have the opportunity to earn back the cost (and more) of this by offering treatments over the weekend.

We ask healers to work a total of 5 hours, run over two 2.5 hour slots. Each of your sessions will last 30 minutes, charging the client £15 per session. This gives you plenty of time to take part in workshops. But there may be the opportunity to run more sessions and earn more money if you would like to. Please let us know in your application how many additional hours you would like to work.


Bookings and payments for sessions: Bookings and payments will be taken in advance at the main Information Desk which we staff through the day. Your money will be held in an envelope marked with your name, and you can come and collect this at the end of the weekend.


The Healing Tents & what you need to bring: We will have two healing tents and you will be allocated slots within one of these tents. We ask you to bring everything you need, and remove everything once you have finished and store it away in your car until your next session. Please note that our Healing Tents do not have power, or any audio equipment for you to play music on. You are welcome to bring your own. Please also note that our Healing Tents do not come with a healing table. You will need to bring your own, and remove it once you have completed your session and store it in your vehicle. 


Insurance: We ask that you carry your own insurance and we ask to see a scan of this on application. This is for our own insurance purposes.


Bringing your family along: If you have a partner who would also like to come on a Working Ticket, then they are very welcome to apply for a Healers ticket, Workshop Facilitators ticket or Crew working ticket. Due to the limited number of people the woodland can accommodate each day, we are not able to offer subsidised tickets for partners or children of Working Ticket holders. If you would like your family to come along to the event with you, you will need to purchase normal ticket for them.


Promotion: Information about you and a brief description of the healing you offer will be included in our brochure, which everyone receives when they arrive. You are also welcome to leave leaflets or cards at our Information Desk, but please remember to pick up any left over at the end of the weekend!


Applying for a Healing Working Ticket: If you would like to go ahead and be a part of our event, the next step is for us to collect some information from you via this online form. We do sometimes get oversubscribed and so we encourage you to complete the form as soon as possible. Please note that we like to have a good mix of healing modalities on offer. On occasion we may turn an application down because we have a few people already offering that service. We usually get more than we need asking to offer Reiki for example. Also please note that we don’t allow any shamanic healing because by its nature, it would require more than the 30 minute time slots. This also applies to healing sessions with the word shamanic in, for example ‘shamanic massage’, as it might inadvertently lead to people believing they were signing up for a traditional shamanic healing. 

Please feel free to email to discuss your therapy or if you have any questions.

Sending us your payment: Once your application has been accepted, you will be added to our list and you can purchase your ticket to secure your healing space.


Your availability: Our event runs from the Friday afternoon to the Monday afternoon. We ask that you are available for the whole weekend, as this helps with our programming. If you aren’t available for the Friday afternoon or Monday please let us know in your application. We will let you know in advance when your slots are when we finalise the programme in April.

Thank you! Please click here for the application form.