Space to Emerge 2019 Crew Application – Space to Emerge

Space to Emerge 2019 Crew Application

Thank you for your interest in being a Crew Member at Space to Emerge. Here on this web page we have all the information you will need about our Crew Working Tickets.

Contribution: The way we run our ‘Working Tickets’ at Space to Emerge is that each contributor, whether they are a Facilitator, Healer or Crew member, gets a weekend ticket in return for contributing some of their time over the weekend. For a Crew Working Ticket, each Crew Member has a full weekend ticket in return for 6 hours work on Friday and 3 hours work on the remaining three days. Your Working Ticket covers you for all weekend activities, from Friday to Monday, and includes all workshops and evening entertainment. The ticket price for everyone who isn’t on a Working Ticket is £120. Your Working Ticket does not cover you for your camping fee, so if you would like to camp over, there will be a charge of £25. As you are a Crew member we will throw in an additional nights camping for you free of charge on the Thursday evening, so you get four night’s camping included in your £25. This is so you can arrive on Thursday evening if you would like to settle in before we begin first thing on Friday morning.
Tasks involved: We begin the day on Friday with a tour of the site at 9am. At 10am we have our team meeting to kick things off. You will receive a full briefing from event manager Tina Burchill, who will also be your point of contact throughout the weekend. You will sign up for your working slots and decide on what activities you would like to get involved in around the behind-the-scenes running of our weekend. Tasks include setting up and stripping down the site which includes tent erection, placing signage around the woods and setting up the main Information Desk. Through the weekend tasks are predominately around manning the Information Desk, which includes checking people in when they arrive and explaining where they need to go, organising the parking, taking bookings for the healing tents and answering any general questions  as they arrive.


Your commitment: Your commitment to being a part of our team is important. We need our crew team to be of a particular size in order to make sure that all the tasks can be completed with ease. Where crew members drop out within the weeks running up to the weekend, it puts a lot of additional pressure on the remaining team as we can’t necessarily find replacements in time with such short notice.

So, if you would like to be a part of our Crew team, then please send Tina an email to confirm, at We will allocate you one of our crew spaces, and we ask that you keep the weekend available so you can take up this working ticket opportunity. Of course events can overtake us, and sometimes it is necessary to change plans meaning that it’s no longer possible for you to make it to Space to Emerge. We ask that if this is the case you give us plenty of notice so that we can make alternative arrangements and fill your space.

Paying your camping fee: If you would like to camp over, please pay your camping fee of £25 by the end of November. We will email you details of how to do this in November.

Dates and times for your diary: After the site tour and team briefing, we will be setting up the site together, and there will be time in the afternoon for you to pitch your tent. If you wanted to arrive earlier to do this before our meeting, then this is fine. We will be all done and dusted by 7pm on Monday 6th May.

Thank You!