Space to Emerge and the pandemic – Space to Emerge

Space to Emerge and the pandemic

The question at the forefront of our minds is 'will Space to Emerge go ahead next year?'

Will Space to Emerge 2021 be possible?

The truth is, we don't know, but we have everything crossed that it will.

Barry, the owner of Fell Foot Woods managed to hold events between July and September this year. He has explained to us that so long as the country isn’t in another lockdown, then it looks like it will be possible to hold Space to Emerge at Fell Foot. 

When will we know for certain?

We don’t know that either. It is a case of waiting to see what happens during the winter into early spring. We are expecting to be able to make a decision either way by the end of March. We will certainly be in touch with any updates as soon as we know more via this website and our email list. To receive updates by email, go to our home page and enter in your details. 

What are the dates?

Friday 30th April to Monday 3rd May 2021. Save the date in your diary!

What will Space to Emerge 2021 look like?

Space to Emerge will look a little different compared with previous years. It is likely that we will have reduced numbers and that social distancing will be in place. We might not be able to run certain kinds of workshops, and it is possible we won’t have access to the indoor barn space.

What we can promise is special time out in the woods together sharing in the Beltane energies to see what emerges. What we feel is most important above all the doubts, risks and uncertainty is that our community has a chance to come together and receive whatever nurturing they need from each other and the beautiful bluebell woodland this coming spring. All the unknowns and challenges we need to overcome to operate within the restrictions will be worth it.

All being well, once again we will wake up to the sound of the gongs mixed up with the tail end of the dawn chorus. We will discover new passions through the workshops and drum ourselves into a trance in the yew grove. We will wander through the bluebell glades to the smell of dinners cooking over stoves and sit around the campfire soaking up stories and music as the sun sets behind Lake Windermere. We will reignite that flame we have been carrying inside of us through these difficult months and step out into spring and summer restored.

What happens next?

It is a case of sitting tight and waiting to hear what measures the Government imposes as we approach springtime.

We hope to be able to make a decision by the end of March as we need time to get ourselves organised! If it is a green light it is all systems go getting ready. We will send out information about the workshops during April along with details about what you need to do to prepare, including your packing list. There is also a lot of information in our FAQ section of our website, including the address and what to expect if you haven't been before.

If you are a StE2020 Ticket Holder, your tickets have automatically been transferred over to StE2021. You are still eligible for a refund right up to 31st March 2021. If we aren’t able to run StE in 2021, then your ticket will be transferred over to the following year or if you would prefer, refunded.

If you haven't got a StE2020 ticket that you have carried over, or have friends and family who would like to come to StE2021, tickets will go on sale in March. We will email our email list when they are ready to buy.

If you are a StE2020 Working Ticket Holder, whether it be a Crew Member, Workshop Facilitator or Healer, we would love to pick up where we left off with StE2020 and will be in touch with you early spring with the finer details.

We are looking ahead to the spring with hope and excitement at out forthcoming time in the woods together.