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Lacto Fermentation by Laurie

Fermentation is as old as life itself and the diets of every traditional society have included some kind of fermented food. Raw, cultured vegetables help to re-establish and feed our inner ecosystem. Their friendly bacteria are a less expensive alternative to taking probiotics in capsules.
Also, when we ferment our own vegetables, the probiotic strains vary from batch to batch, providing a far greater diversity. With just a little patience, instruction and minimal supplies, it is fun to learn the time-honoured art and science of lacto-fermentation.
In this workshop, I will give an introduction to the process, to get you started and enable you to seejust how simple it is! (A note for anyone who is dairy-free, the ‘lacto’ does NOT refer to dairy).


About Laurie

Laurie is a Holistic Therapist, artist and allotment holder who is never happier than when turning her home grown veg into healing foods, supporting a lifestyle that nourishes body, mind, spirit and environment.
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