What’s On: Working with Flower Essences with Helen Leece – Space to Emerge

What’s On: Working with Flower Essences with Helen Leece

Helen Leece from The Gathering  Fields will explore flower & Tree essences in a magical woodland workshop.

As a flower essence practitioner she will guide you in the process of making your own essence capturing the energy of the Space to Emerge gathering. We will explore the native plants and trees of the season meditate and journey with sound to connect to your chosen plant revealing its messages. You will then be guided through the process of making your own, or we may choose to make a collective essence to take home with you that can be taken long after the the gathering as a continuum of our time together.

This workshop will give you a brief outline of the history of flower essence making and the importance of capturing plant vibrational medicine for use on your self or as an environmental remedy for your space at home.

We ask that a small contribution for your bottle be contributed if you wish to take your remedy home.

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