What’s On: Dreamcatcher Crafting with Morrigan Rheged – Space to Emerge

What’s On: Dreamcatcher Crafting with Morrigan Rheged

Spend quiet time learning to make your own dream-catcher with feathers, chamois, beads, cotton, wool, to hang at home or in your car, all ages welcome, all materials upcycled.

Hear the traditional stories around the creation of the dream-catchers.

About Tracey Morrigan Rheged

Of Viking Scottish heritage with 25 years shamanic experience. I have been an apprentice to Nick Wood [of Sacred Hoop Magazine].

I am currently exploring my ancestral spiritual links to the land.

Butterfly Song is contacted on rhegedm@gmail.com or 07854286511

Under Butterfly Song I offer energy balancing, spiritual healing, body cleansing, connection to Earth and solar energy, journeying, house cleansing, dream journeying, animal journeying, tree meditation and dream-catcher crafting,






Please note for this workshop, Morrigan would like to ask for a small donation to help cover the cost of the materials you use.