Crafting a Fire Snorkel with Rita Albanese – Space to Emerge

Crafting a Fire Snorkel with Rita Albanese


FIRE : The Magic element

Without fire, man would have remained in the dark ages. It was fire that aided our evolution, it extended our waking hours, cooked our food, kept us warm and most importantly helped our civilisation develop, clay became pottery, ash became soap, sand became glass, the list goes on and on ! We owe more of our culture to fire than to any other phenomenon.

Come and create your very own fire snorkel, like the ones our ancestors would use to keep their fires burning.


About Rita

Rita is a nurse by background, a Shamanic practitioner and life coach. Her inspiration comes from engaging with the natural environment, in a variety of ways, embracing natures power, to heal and bring about change for herself and for the earth.