What’s On: Children’s Workshops with Amy Boud – Space to Emerge

What’s On: Children’s Workshops with Amy Boud

Workshop sessions for a range of ages, with an overall theme of creativity and connection. Sessions will include activities to explore the site and tune into the more than human environment and making things using ‘natural’ and recycled/junk materials, and a sprinkle of magic thrown in!

Tribe: We will imagine we are a nomadic tribe on a journey to find a space to camp. We will explore this new land we have arrived in and make a map of places and things that could be key to our survival. We will choose somewhere to settle and build shelter/home. Then make our own wild feast, smelly potions, and tribal headdress, ending with a musical tribal gathering.

Magical birds – strange colourful feathers have been spotted on site, perhaps from some mysterious exotic birds. We will camouflage ourselves before heading off to look for the birds. We will practice creeping quietly and really listening and using all of our senses. Collect signs of the birds on the way. Build a nest for them to settle in (encourage them to emerge!) making it as comfortable as possible. We will finish by making our own bird totem sticks with colourful feathers and beaks and eyes.


About Amy

Hi my names Amy, I run my own freelance business called Playful Nature. I offer environmental and creative experiences for people of all ages, and work a lot with children both in schools and out in the community.

I am trained in forest schools, which is all about providing a child led experience, not coming with too fixed agenda, and allowing children’s own ideas and creativity to flourish. It’s about enjoying the learning process rather than focusing on what is achieved or the final outcome! I think this is so refreshing when children are so often measured against external targets and ideas of what they should be able to achieve. I like to offer experiences that empower children, that allow them to connect with the environment and each other, and take inspiration from that for creative expression. And to just enjoy that natural sense of joy and curiosity of that comes from spending time outdoors. I’m always amazed at how long children can be occupied by playing in a stream or woodland.

t: 07938 878268, e: info@playful-nature.co.uk, www.playful-nature.co.uk