About – Space to Emerge

A Message from the Founders

Space to Emerge is the creation of Jason and Nicola Smalley, Shamanic Practitioners dedicated to a path of supporting others to deepen their spiritual connections so they can live with greater freedom and creativity.

As well as the annual Space to Emerge gathering, they run a variety of workshops and retreats, bringing together their previous professions of environmental protection, nature connection and creativity. By combining these with the core shamanic toolkit, they are able to create sacred and healing space for people from all walks of life.

“We have found that with the right people, setting out with the right intention, and immersing themselves in beautiful natural surroundings, there is no limit to what can emerge as we hold each other on our journey through life.

"It seems that every day more and more happens in our world to unground us. We can struggle to find a way through life’s challenges, feeling alone and exhausted, wondering what the meaning of it all is.

"When things that used to make sense to us fall away, it leaves us with more questions than answers, and more confusion than clarity around important aspects of our lives.

“Space to Emerge is a world where we are alongside people who see as we see, think as we think and feel as we feel; a world where we can gather to heal, learn, grow, and comfort each other; where we can sing, dance, laugh, cry, rest, get creative and try our hand at learning new yet ancient skills.

"It is a place where things become much clearer because we see others feeling as we feel, and where we are supported by friends in taking the next step in our path.”

spellbinding – unique - peaceful - beautiful - gentle - wonderful - healing - uplifting - stunning - magic - relaxing - welcoming - inclusive - inspiring - motivating - brilliant - amazing

Just a few of the words people have used to describe past Space to Emerge weekends.

So what's planned for 2022?

This is a family-friendly event, and a weekend pass will give you access to a variety of more than 20 different workshops (including some for children), opportunities for one to one healing sessions, evening entertainment with music and dancing, as well as access to some beautiful sacred spaces nestled in the bluebell glades.

You are invited to immerse yourself in gentle community, surrounded by woodland and lakeside views, doing as much or as little as you like. We aim to provide opportunities for you to learn new skills and perspectives, and for self reflection and healing.

The weekend includes soul work, connecting with nature, working with your hands and finding inner peace through stillness, including:

  • creative writing
  • Trance Drumming
  • Dance
  • Wild Medicine
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Earth Chants
  • Deep Nature Connection
  • crafting
  • Sound Healing
  • Meditation
  • One to One Healing
  • Rune Working
  • Sacred Altars
  • Labyrinth
  • Crafting
  • Red Tent Community for Women
  • Bring and Share Supper
  • Evening Camp Fire
  • Saturday Night Live Ceilidh Band
  • Children's Workshops
  • Storytelling Sessions
  • Open Mic Night

“A spellbinding time was had... the woods were magical. The people and community made it very special.”


“A wonderful, healing experience, so many lovely friendly people and wonderful, fascinating conversations throughout, so much to think about and so much help with dealing with some challenges I have currently, and also moving forward on my spiritual path. So much love not just in the people but in the place itself.”


“It was and will be the most beautiful weekend of my year, spent with the nicest of people in a stunning spiritual space.”


“The family atmosphere that included such depth of giving and of receiving, was almost overwhelming."


“Absolutely loved the whole weekend. Really great to spend time amongst so many like minded folks. The workshops were brilliant I was really spoiled for choice.”


“I found the weekend wonderfully relaxing, informative, welcoming and inclusive. Everyone spoke to everyone and it felt like a very safe place to be.”


“Relaxing, inspiring, motivating and healing."


“The best weekend we've had in ages. A very special and sacred time surrounded by beautiful woodlands and some genuine, authentic folks. Space to Emerge fed my soul and inspired me in so many ways. Not least to get out in nature more.”


“I feel so humbled by nature and all it has to offer us. Totally out of this world... space to emerge was exactly what it says... I feel like I've deepened my connection with nature.”


“It was a healing and uplifting experience. Particularly the trance drumming, I was able to completely surrender to the moment and let go of feeling afraid. I went on an amazing spiritual journey. Thank you.”